Record My Life

Communicate with your descendants

Communicating with your descendants that you will never meet in life .

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1 *Life story Recording -

I conduct private interviews- capturing your life story in a voice recording.

I spend up to 3 hours at a time and have over 200 questions to help extract as much history as I can.

A 'Farewell Funeral Message' at the end of the interview is also something that is very special.

2 * Photo Album recording -

 Go through your photo album(s) picture by picture and record the stories around the pictures so future generations can follow along and hear your voice telling about the pictures with the turning of the album pages.

These are the memories of your life.

This Audio can be used to transcribe or publish a book at any stage in the future and to make notes in your photo album.  For your heirs to listen to in the future, to hear your voice once again.

3 *Digital photo Album with voice recording-

Digitise your Photo album with a running audio to match the pictures. 


Complete Audio of your 'Life Story' delivered via USB- inside a 3D picture frame with one photo.

Photo Album Recording - audio of your photo album so future generations can follow along and hear your voice telling the stories and the names and associations of the pictures.

Digitise your photo album with audio.

Turn your photo album into a digital version but with the benefit of your voice explaining the stories and people behind the pictures so they will never be forgotten.

Its funny how day by day,

Nothing changes.    

But when you look back,


everything is different.

The young have 


the old have memories.


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